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Fire Events From the 1980's & Beyond
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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

1989, Homestead Industries  Chemical Spill

1989, Water Street Mills

1989, Synergy Gas Truck

1989, Oakwood Condo's, Structure Fire

1989 Dec, Ludlow VT, Mutual Aid

1989 Dec, Mulberry St, Structure Fire

1989 Dec, Lafayette
St, Vacant Warehouse Fire

1989 Aug, Summer Street, Garage Fire

1989 July, North Street, Structure Fire

1989 July, McDonalds
Wash Street, Grease Fire

1989 June, Stevens HS,
Mock Drill w/Mutual Aid

1988 Rescue Raft Training

1988 June, Gerrity Lumber, Structure Fire

1988 May, Plains Rd, Structure Fire

1988 Mar, Town & Country Realty,
Structure Fire

1988 Mar, Claremont Flock Warehouse,
 Structure Fire

1987 Nov, Joy Pattern Shop, Structure Fire

1987 Oct, Pappas Hill Rd Structure Fire

1987 Feb, Union St Structure Fire

1987 Jan, Claremont Concord Railway,
Claremont Jct Structure Fire

1986 Nov, East Park St Structure Fire


1986 Nov, Nuclear Welding,
Charlestown Rd, HazMat Incident

1985 Sept, CFD Parade & Ball
100th Anniversary

1983 Dec, Livingston Farm
River Rd CFD Burn

1983 Spring St CFD Training

1983 July, Central St Structure Fire

1983 June, Red Water Brook Rd Structure Fire

1983 Apr, West Claremont CFD Burn

1983 Feb, Main St Structure Fire

1981 Nov, Lambert Supply Structure Fire

1981 Oct, Toy Castle CFD Training

1981 June,  Audio File   Joy Manufacturing Complex (Belfon Machine and Whipple Paper Company)

1980's Group Photos

1979 Joy Manufacturing, Structure Fire

1977 Mar, Magnet Theatre Structure Fire

1975 May, Paddy Hollow Rd
House & Barn Fire

1975 Jan, Thrasher Rd Structure Fire


1975 Jan, First St Structure Fire

1974 Nov, West Claremont Structure Fire

1973 May, Sullivan County Home
Piggery Barn  Fire

1973 Claremont Fire Depts 1st Contract with Claremont

1972 Oct, Old Church Rd Structure Fire

1972 Firemen pump water from frozen,
pond sub-zero temperatures

1972 Bible Hill, Structure Fire

1972 Firemen cleanup gas spillage,
Car Accident

1971 July, Reed Barn Fire, RT 12A

1970 Apr, IGA, Structure Fire

1969 Nov, Gardner's Welding,
Wall St Garage Fire

1969 Nov, Sullivan County Home Barn Fire

1969 Apr, Fred Putnam Farm,
Jarvis Hill Rd Structure Fire

1969 Mar, Jacqueline Ave Structure Fire

1969 Feb, New Haven Mattress,
Main St Structure Fire

1969 Feb, Lane Farm,
Charlestown Rd Barn Fire

1969 Jan, Jarvis Hill Rd Structure Fire

1968 Sept, Walter Burbee's Structure Fire

1968 Apr, Claremont Metal & Paper
Winter St Ext Grass Fire

1968 Feb, Chick Dodge Apts,
Chestnut St Structure Fire

1967 Apr, Broad Street Inn Structure Fire

1965 Snorkel 1

1965 Green Mountain Road,
Structure Fire

1965 Jan, Keegan Donut Shop,
Pleasant St Structure Fire

1964 Rand Ball & King,
Mulberry St Structure Fire

1964 Firemen grew beards for

1963 Aug, Second Street Barn Fire

1962 Apr, S.O. Garage,
Pleasant St Structure Fire

1962 Feb, Russell Apts,
Sullivan St Structure Fire

1960 Jan, West Unity Structure Fire

1956 Apr, Fedelski's Garage,
Maple Ave Structure Fire

1955 Apr, Bible Hill Brush Fire

1953 Nov, Johnson's Lumber Yd Structure Fire

1953 Sept, Jones Bros Structure Fire

1953 July, Tenney Fire,
River Road Structure Fire

1952 July, Powell's Restaurant Structure Fire

1941 Nov, Stowell Block Structure Fire

1940 Aug, Mulberry Street Structure Fire

1939 Jan, Magnet Theatre Structure Fire

1939 Jan, Ridge Avenue Barn Fire

1938 Apr, Slab City Structure Fire

Claremont Fire Dept's
undated  Group Photos

Claremont Fire Dept's Apparatus
Claremont Fire Dept's 1st Contract with the City of Claremont